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Travel Insurance

If you are visiting New Zealand and need travel insurance request a quote from Orbit Protect. They specialize in insurance for New Zealand bound international students, non-NZ residents, visitors on working holiday visas and seasonal workers.

Our Process

Our goal is to ensure you have the right insurance in place to meet your needs. Our preference is to provide advice on all the insurable risks you could face using our Personal Insurance Planning Process, but we can provide transactional services to implement life insurance products at your request.

When giving advice we follow the process below:

1. Our First Meeting (We promise we won't stay all night!)
  1. Discuss with you what you would like to get out of your insurance
  2. Discuss the insurance products we sell
  3. Learn about your lifestyle and the cover you need and why
  4. Discuss the "perfect world" if you could have everything you need and money wasn't an issue
  5. We would be compiling this information on a needs analysis form which we will take away with us

2. What SGA need to do next
We will go away and compile a personal or business insurance plan and recommendations for you which include:
  • What we discussed – what levels and types of insurance
  • Your existing insurance – should you keep it or is change required
  • Pre-existing health issues – how they will affect any future insurance
  • Which Insurance Company best suits you and why
  • We use research tools to help us reach our recommendations
3. Our second Meeting
  1. We will come back to you and discuss your plan, starting with the "perfect world", don't worry we will help you recover from the shock by breaking it down to what fits your lifestyle.
  2. Help you to prioritise your needs to ensure you are happy with your cover and it fits into your budget
  3. If you decide to proceed with us we will complete the paperwork

4. Our Commitment
We will contact you yearly by phone, email or letter to check whether anything has changed and your insurance cover still meets your needs. It is your responsibility to let us know as soon as possible of any changes.

Disclosure Statement available on request and free of charge.

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