A Christmas Claim...

"I have been insured by Partners Life Insurance through Steven Green & Associates for around 5 years. My insurance policy is a Life Insurance with Trauma Cover attached.

Last November, out of the blue, I suffered a heart attack and had to have a stent inserted into one of my coronary arteries. I contacted Steven Green & Associates on my release from hospital to discuss what I could potentially claim.

It was a difficult time coming up to Christmas as the company I worked for closed down for 3 weeks over that period which meant I was potentially going to be off work for eight weeks, with only sickness and holiday pay for 4 of those.

Ruth Green advised me that there would be some background checks done with my doctor to verify that the information I gave when I first took out the policy was correct. This is standard procedure for any insurance company. She also advised me that generally the insurers paid around 25% of the total cover if one stent had been inserted.

Unfortunately for me I had been registered with 4 different practices since I arrived in New Zealand 10 years ago, and they all had to be contacted which took some time. Meanwhile I was getting increasingly frustrated as everyone who I spoke to about my experience was under the impression that it was taking so long to process my claim because the insurance company was either hoping I would get tired of waiting and not pursue it any further, or they would find some trivial reason not to pay out.

I spoke to Steven Green & Associates on numerous occasions about my concerns of this and each time they remained totally professional and advised me that wasn’t the case and this was just procedure.

Then after only a few weeks I finally got the call that Partners Life were going to pay the full amount I was covered for.

I have total faith in Steven Green & Associates, will continue my life insurance with them, and not hesitate to contact them if I need any other cover."


54 Year Old, Male

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Our Son's Medical Claim...

"SGA assisted us with getting fast pre-approval for our son's recent urgent medical dental work. I always feel like SGA has my best interest in mind and that they are a true advocate of their clients when communicating with insurance companies. I don't hesitate to recommend SGA because I know they will take care of my friends and family 100%"

Ian Davis, Browns Bay


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