How often do you hear about a relative, friend, neighbour, or colleague suffering a heart attack or stroke? Or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer or a serious medical condition?

What about if that was you, how would you and your family cope?

Wouldn't life be much easier if you received a lump sum when you were diagnosed with a serious illness?

Wouldn't life be easier if you could reduce debt or cover living expenses, or maybe you might want to take that much-needed holiday?

If you had to pay for the drug that could save your life, wouldn't it be great to know you had the funds?

If you were diagnosed with a serious illness:

How would you pay for specialised medical treatment not covered by the public health system?

How would you manage, reduce, or service any outstanding debt?

How would you afford to pay your regular household expenses?

How would you pay for the things you had planned, like taking the kids to Disneyland?


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