Health insurance covers the cost of private hospital treatment and helps you avoid public waiting lists. It allows you to have treatment where and when you need it, in consultation with your GP and specialist.

Having Health insurance means you have a greater choice of health service providers offering the service, treatment or procedure you need. With medical insurance we start with a base plan that covers you for the big expenses, such as surgical, medical and hospitalisation. It also covers associated diagnostic costs. The add-ons available depend on your chosen provider and include specialists and tests, GPs, optical and dental.

Ask yourself:

How would your life be affected if you were on the public hospital waiting list for six months or longer?

How much would it cost to get treatment for a non-acute condition?

Could you afford to pay for private hospital treatment without insurance?

How are Medical insurance premiums calculated?

Similar to both Life and Trauma insurance, the premiums are based on gender, age, whether you are a smoker or not, any pre-existing health conditions you have, and the type of cover required. And as you can with car insurance, you can reduce your monthly premiums by adding an optional excess.


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