When life doesn't go as we plan and the unexpected happens how do you want your spouse and children to cope financially? Do you want them to live in a mortgage free home with funds for the future and for your children to reach the goals you wished for them? Or will you leave them to struggle for their future.

Life insurance pays your estate a lump sum upon death or terminal illness. It's designed to help your family survive financially if you are not there to help

How much cover will you need? Ask yourself:

If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and likely to die within a year, how could you ensure you had quality time with your family?

Who will pay for your funeral expenses?

Will the family home have to be sold?

Does your partner earn enough to cover the regular living expenses?

Who will look after the children before and after school if your partner is working?

What would you wish for your children? A good education? Great holidays?


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