What is the normal process at SGA?
As one of our clients you will be provided with a needs based sales approach and a full written report will be provided. Where Steven Green and Associates Limited is not qualified to give specific advice you will be referred to either your existing advisor or one the company feels will provide you with a quality service.

As our client you will be provided with newsletters, the opportunity for an annual review of your portfolio and we also operate an open door policy. You are encouraged to contact us if and when any changes occur in your life between the review periods. We at SGA will also assist clients in any way to expedite claims.

Will our insurance work when we need it?
Yes your insurance will work provided your claim is accepted; it will do everything that you choose it to do at the time of taking out the insurance policy.

Do lower premiums mean inferior insurance?
Not always, but in most cases, yes.

How often should I review my insurance?
Whenever you go through any major changes in your life, for example buying or selling a house, having a baby, or changing your job.

Do I have to give the insurance company all my medical history?
Yes you do need to disclose all your medical history at the time of application. What may seem irrelevant to you may have a bearing on an underwriting decision and non- disclosure may result in a future insurance claim being denied. You do not have to disclose medical information that occurs after your policy has been issued. However you do need to advise us of any changes in your health in the time between completing the proposal and your policy being issued.

What is underwriting?
Underwriting is the assessment of risk according to your age, lifestyle habits, health, family history and financial situation.

Why doesn't ACC cover me?
ACC will only cover 80% of your taxable income in the event of an accident. If you get sick, then ACC won't pay you.

Why do I need an insurance broker? Can't I just go straight to the insurance provider?
At SGA we have access to a range of programs which allow us to see every product that each insurance company offers. We can help you pick the best product and premium, by examining all of your options.

Why should I use you and not the bank?
Have you ever gone to see your personal banker to find they have moved on and no one told you or waited on the 0800 number to talk to someone at the bank? The banks only offer cover with the insurance company they are tied to and in some cases the cover offered is an inferior product. Our promise to you is we will be here when you need us.

What are your charges?
We do not charge for our services. If you take out an insurance policy with us, we are paid a commission by the insurance provider. This commission does not affect your premium nor do you pay extra by taking out insurance with us. If we do our job well you will refer us to others.

Why choose us?
Trust is something earned and we believe that by allowing us to work with you, we will earn your trust.


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